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COOLING CHAMBER (CONDITIONING CHAMBER) is specially used for particular conditioning of the test specimen at 0°C or low temperature before conducting the test. Usaully this machine apply to condition the test specimen for Impact test of uPVC Pipe. Kant Plastology is engaged to supplying the extensive range of COOLING CHAMBER (DEEP FREEZER) with its prowess and accomplished engineering team. The proffer apparatus is design with good aesthetic, energy efficient and calculated cooling system with minimum cooling loss due to P.U.F. insulation and exactitude temperature control. Its internal Stainless Steel body procures the rust free usage of equipment. The utilization of apparatus is very user friendly.


MODEL (K-CCh-01)
Type Top opening type, single partition,hydraulic type door
System status Digital
Internal chamber size Length 45cm x Width 45cm x Depth 45cm
Temperature controller Micro processor based double display PID controller
Temperature range Ambient to -5.0°C
Temperature resolution 0.1°C
Accuracy ±0.5°C or better
Cooling Through specially designed high efficient cooling mechanism
Insulation 50mm thick P.U.F. insulation to minimize the cooling loses
Internal chamber Polished S.S. 304 with matt finish
Outer chamber Powder coated G.I sheet
Paint Powder coated
Power supply 230V AC, Single phase, 50Hz

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