Oxygen Induction Time Tester
(Differential Thermal Analyzer Method)

Model No.


Model K-OIT-01
Reference Standards IS. 4984 & ASTM D 3895
System Status The windows based software to interface the computer, Data entry through software, PC connectivity of RS – 232 and Graphical data type reports can be printed through software (The printout includes Party’s name, Address, File name, Date, Batch no., Operator name, Sample weight, Set temperature, Start time, Finish Time, Gas flow rate etc.)
Temperature Controller Microprocessor based PID temperature controller indicates the process temperature & Delta T
Range Ambient to 300°C
Resolution 0.1°C
Accuracy ± 0.5°C or better
Rate Of Temperature Rise 20°C/minute & 2°C/minute
Gas Flow Control Through gas regulator fitted on cylinder & Rotameters equipped with machine
Max. Test Time Range 0 to 300 minutes
Accessories Aluminium pan 200 nos. and Specimen holder
Temperature Calibration Indium & Tin material supplied for calibration of temperature
Cooling System Barrel cooling through circulated water circuit provided in machine
Paint Dual side Powder coated
Power Supply 230V AC, Single phase, 50 Hz