Pipe Impact Testing Machine

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Pipe Impact Testing Machine Manufacturer

Kant Plastology pleased to offer and exclusive range of PIPE IMPACT TESTING MACHINE. The Impact test is usually applicable for uPVC Pipe and Fittings to determine the Impact strength of the same products. The Kant Plastology’s PIPE IMPACT TESTING MACHINE having robust construction, high precision machined parts with dimensional accuracy. The machine consist perfect machined 120°‘V’ block to accommodate the test specimen, operational ease dead weight release mechanism and friction free falling of dead weight.


Falling height Adjustable up to 2000mm
Height adjustment Manually
Height adjustment resolution ± 2mm
Striker (Dart / Dead weight) Made from mild steel
Striker (Dart / Dead weight) 0.25 kgf, 0.50 kgf & 1.00 kgf – one set of each weight
Striker (Dart) release device Through D.C. magnet / Pull release free falling mechanism
Max. dia. of test sample Test up to uPVC pipe Ø315mm
Sample clamping on 120°’V’ block
Paint Powder coated

Pipe Impact Testing Machine

HDPE Pipe Testing Machine from India

Pipe Impact Testing Machine India