Carbon Black Content Test Apparatus

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Carbon Black Content Test Apparatus

CARBON BLACK CONTENT TESTER is widely used in plastic industry to check percentage of Carbon in Plastic material or finished products. Under the strict supervision of our well experienced Engineers Kant Plastology offers the innovative collection of CARBON BLACK CONTENT TESTER with adequate design of heater-thermocouple assembly and very smooth rise of heat with highly precise temperature control.The offered apparatus has minimum heat loss due to extra coating of heat insulation and its electrical components has also long life because its fitted at the bottom side of furnace.Our company procures all test related glassware accessories and chemicals to conduct the test with apparatus.


System status Digital
Heating Element 1000 Watts heating element wounded on ceramic tube
Temperature controller Micro processor based double display PID controller
Temperature Range Ambient to 800°C
Temperature least count 1°C
Accuracy ± 5°C or better
Effective Furnace size Ø30mm x 300mm Length
Pyrolyting chamber Heat resistant quartz glass tube
End Closures Silicon rubber corks with glass tubes to accept gas tubing
Pre treatment attachment De-oxygenating unit and de-humidifying unit
Gas flow control Through single stage regulator cum flow meter
Sample holder Quartz boat of Ø12mm & 75mm Length
Post treatment attachment Single dissolution unit
Timer Micro processor based double display digital timer available at optional
Timer range Up to 999.9 Seconds / Minutes
Insulation 100mm thick triple layer cera wool insulation
Accessories Quartz tube, quartz / ceramic boat, Gas washing bottle with M.S. fabricated Stand, Gas flow meter, Rubber tube, Desiccator with porcelain plate, Boat pulling rod and Chemicals to conduct test
Power supply 230V AC, Single phase, 50Hz

Carbon Black Content Test Apparatus

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