Izod / Charpy Impact Tester

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izod charpy impact testing machine

The Kant Plastology’s Izod impact tester has been designed to evaluate the impact toughness of plastic materials. Kant Plastology produces this machine with rigid construction & dimensionally accurate mechanical fixtures. The apparatus consists a pendulum with determined dead-weight at the end of its arm swinging down and striking the specimen while it is held firmly in a vertical position. The impact strength is determined by the loss of energy of the pendulum as determined by precisely measuring the loss of height in the pendulum’s swing.


System status Digital
Span length of charpy vice Adjustable from 40mm to 100mm
Impact speed 3.46m/s, other speed available at optional
Scales 2 J; 5 J; 10 J; 15 J: 25 J other available at optional
Scale least count 0.01 J
Results expressed in terms J, J/m, J/m², J/cm², Kj/cm²
Hammers Two set of hammer for IZOD test
Paint Powder coated, moving parts are hard chrome plated
Power Supply 230V AC, Single phase, 50Hz

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Izod Charpy Impact Testing Machine