Melt Flow Index Test Apparatus

Model No.


Model K-MFI-01xi
Reference standards ASTM – 1238, IS – 2530
Test method A
System status Digital
Temperature controller Micro processor based double display digital PID controller
Temperature range Ambient to 300°C
Temperature resolution 0.1°C
Accuracy ± 0.1°C
Timer Micro processor based double display digital timer
Timer range Range from 0.1 minute to 999.59 minute
Time resolution 0.1 minute
Weight lifting system Manual
Sample cutting system Motorized cutter automatically operated at set Cut-off time
Accessories Orifice (Die), Piston, Orifice cleaner, Orifice ejector, Cylinder cleaner, Extrudate (sample) cutter, Forcep, Dead weights of 2.16 kgf & 5.00 kgf other weights are available at optional
Paint Powder coated
Power supply 230V AC, Single phase, 50Hz