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Kant Plastology’s HOT WATER BATH is the equipment with heavy and rigid construction. The apparatus is build with calculated of sheet as per water volume. Energy efficient heating elements and stirrer motor are used for produce homogenous heat in the entire chamber. Thick heat insulation use to minimize the heating loss during test. Easy top opening door to place the test sample, Slot in door to retain the rubber hose pipe attached with test sample, Drain valve & Heater safety cover are extensive features to geared machine for best quality HOT WATER BATH.


Size of inner chamber for K-HWB-01-H Length 120cm x Width 90cm x Height 45cm
Size of inner chamber for K-HWB-02-H Length 90cm x Width 60cm x Height 30cm
Size of inner chamber for K-HWB-03-V Length 100cm x Width 110cm x Height 120cm
System status Digital
Temperature controller Micro processor based double display PID controller
Heating Through high efficient S.S. 304 tubular heating system
Water Circulation Through water pump
Temperature range Ambient to 90°C
Temp. Least count 0.1°C
Temp. Accuracy ± 0.5°C
Insulation 50mm thick glass-wool
Material of Construction Inner chamber: polished S.S. 304
Outer chamber: CRC dual side powder coated
Power supply 440V AC, Three phase, 50Hz

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